Let there be a dream.
Eva was walking down the wooded path. It was in one of the particular beautiful parts of the country. Every country has one. The sun was shining, yet air was fresh and pleasant. She was thinking of everything and nothing at the same time. It was just one of those days.
Perhaps in her mind she was talking to Copernicus, she does that sometimes, or was rereading some of Cyrano’s letters to Roxanne. It seemed like all her long passion for philosophy, often troubled with many questions, her keen interest in art and love for music produced some strange sensation. It was all dreamlike, like some long forgotten but still unique enchanting melody. At home she started to draw. Art, music, cosmology, philosophy, literature were the inspiration and so the first straps were made. All unique, all personal, each with its own character. As she sees it every instrument has a story, its own history and life, it is something special.
EB straps is dedicated to create a bond between an instrument and a player. A bond which is visible and can be felt, which is here to enjoy and enhance the charms and likes of an instrument.

Your strap reflects your personality and gives a special touch to your playing.

Beauty is hidden in details and manuscripts are a great source and inspiring treasure.

Chaucer The Romaunt of the Rose England: c.1440-1450 MS Hunter 409, folio 57v.

Originally composed in French in the thirteenth century by Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun, this poem on the art of love was one of the most popular of all poems in the Middle Ages. Probably written in the first half of the thirteenth century, it is an allegory of courtly love. Elegantly decorated throughout with gilt letters and floral sprays, this opening shows a particularly ornate page with an abundance of floral designs, chiefly of Lords-and-Ladies.